Scientific illustrators: Do you prefer to use the computer, or old-school paper and brush? Are the two compatible? 
Perhaps, after a day exploring and (carefully!) touching creatures in the tide pools of Canada’s Gulf Islands, using a computer to craft an image of nature’s wonders just didn’t feel right to Bea Martin. Though adept at digital illustration, on this day Bea reached for her colored pencils and watercolors to depict by hand the many species that survive in the challenging intertidal zone.

“I sketched with Col-erase Tuscan Red and Brown on toned, tan paper,” Bea says. “Then I added a mix of watercolor and gouache.” Once at home, Bea consulted the New Beachcomber’s guide to the Pacific Northwest, by J. Duane Sept, to identify purple stars, crabs, chitons and more.

The result is a page from Bea’s naturalist notebook, shown here. 

Thank you to 🇪🇸 Beatriz Martin, a character animator, certified medical illustrator (CMI), nature sketcher, and Fulbright Scholar with a medical background living in the U.S. 🇺🇸
With curiosity and enthusiasm, her goal is to craft entertaining, inspiring and educational stories, merging art with science in both digital and traditional media. 

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