What we do

We offer our scientific background, technical knowledge to promote and communicate your science story. We individually tailor work for our clients, do intensive research and putting integrity first. we have different background---- editing capacity ---so we can tailor our content to both scientific and broader audience

The values we don't compromise: integrity and ethics

Social media campaign

From content to post to analytics

We prepare content for successful social media campaigns and metch them with appealing graphics. At imagenscience we work closely with illustrators and designers to make the post appealing to the eye.

Technical scientific writing

Write brochures about products for scientists across life sciences In our team we have scientists who have been postdocs for over 10 years and have a broad expertise in techniques... molecular, cell biology... bla bla

Type of content

From content to post to analytics



You can Get involved.

Get involved, partecipate in our project. promote scientific work. If you have a microscope image or on an illustration you would us like to feature do send it to us. Science starts with an observation of the world around us, and a question about it. A hypothesis is built on that, followed by experimentation. Science communication is a way to translate scientific jargon into terms easily understood by non-scientists. Public support for science is crucial to the betterment of the human condition.